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Our New Adventure -
Maternity Session
Family/Couples Encouraged!

Oh, how I love to capture this extremely special moment in a woman's life. It is quite possibly one of my favorite life events to witness. Since it goes by so fast, it is that much sweeter to experience and to capture. That short window of time, the pinnacle of pregnancy - is the perfect time to freeze and remember what it was like to carry this being so close to your heart. That, and Mom is radiant beyond words!

Every expecting Mother knows just how this time feels... and I consider it an honor to showcase this fleeting phase, not only for the Mother, but for that child who will see how much they were loved, even before birth.

I always encourage Dads to come along, and if your family is growing, the excited siblings too! A celebration of your upcoming addition is the perfect time to connect and show each other how important every family member is.