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Portraits are my way of describing single shots of a single person - any age will do! Some are posed or direct (looking at the camera), some are candid moments; a more artistic and natural expression of self. Of you! These can be done in so many ways and for so many different reasons:

Outdoor Children's Portraits

Children + Outside =
A great formula to let them reveal their true nature. (See what I did there?) Kids will almost always open up best outside, having the freedom to move around and interact with what's going on around them. I love to capture the shy smiles, the funny faces and then the roaring laughter that invariably comes next.

It's a fun and quick session that results in funny-face duels, me learning new jokes and having a great time with my new friends! We get the funny, the sweet and the serious... which always ends in more of the laughing ones. :)

Website Presence/Headshots:
We can get a variety of candid and direct images for your branding use - on your company's website and social media. We can co-create some incredible headshots for an acting career or even something for an author's jacket!

HS Seniors
July-September I open my calendar for a few seniors looking for their best yearbook image! Sessions can also be done to freeze this important year of your life - the bridge of all of the sports & activities that are a part of who you have become to the excitement the future holds!

Are you celebrating a milestone in birthdays or life? Do you want to capture or see how beautiful or strong you are right now?! As prints, these portraits can be done for your own legacy, to leave your grandchildren a sense of the multiple layers that make up who you have always been.
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