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Family Lifestyle Session

Not much needs to be said about this kind of session! Bring your family and let me follow you around for a little while. I'll catch you at your politest, then your sweetest, then your goofiest. It's a natural progression that I love to see, and believe me - it's ALL your best!

I love to capture mostly candid moments - the ones when you're interacting and having fun... and almost forgetting I'm there! I do my best to get a few posed images, but this is mostly about your relationship and the memories you're making!

I've loved all the families I've had the privilege of working with - but since my focus is primarily one-on-one relationship sessions, I only do a limited number of family sessions each year, and most are usually in the Fall. Contact me to pencil in a spot, no matter what the season. That way, you're sure to get one!
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