Hi! I'm Cheryle. When I'm behind my camera, looking through that viewfinder, I'm in my happy place, my comfort zone. Taking images is how I express myself, and I love that it connects me to everyone I work with. My family laughs at me because I hate small talk, but love bonding with people. You see my dilemma. :) With an image... you see what I see, a visual of my thought process - no words necessary to connect and discover that we are all pretty darn similar in what we want from this life.

Being the parents of triplets, our life is busy, but lovely. My ultimate goal has always been to give every one of my clients a way to stop and see that loveliness - a visual of how sweet you are together, how I see you and your bond. Whether it be in a sun-lit meadow or the coziness of your own home, let me give you a tangible reminder of your love for one another.